Two Things to Consider When Choosing a Casino

A lot of people wonder what the best online casino is. This is a tough question, and it really depends on what you are playing and the stakes you play at. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at two things that the best casinos offer, and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

Payout at Some Place

Some casinos have higher payouts than others. Ideally, you want to have one that pays out as close to 100% as possible. You’re never going to find one that goes up over this number, because then the casino would be losing money—completely defeating the point of them doing business. But the higher that the number is, the more likely you are to make a profit. Top rated casinos have payouts of 90% or higher. If the number falls below this, you will probably benefit from finding a different casino as your long term odds are not that good.

How do you figure out this number? There are a number of watchdog sites out there that will update this information from time to time. Many casinos post this information publicly on their sites, too, so it’s worth looking around to find. Reputable casinos are more than willing to share this information with you, so it could be a good question for customer service before you make your first deposit.

Bonus Money is Great

The bonus isn’t always the first thing you should look at when depositing money, but it’s one of the top considerations when it comes to gambling. The better the bonus terms are, the more likely you are to earn free money. Add this to your earnings, and you could go from a mediocre gambler to a highly profitable one. There are two main things to look at when considering if a bonus is worthwhile. First, the max amount you can get. This will be posted right on the casino’s bonus policy page. It might say something like “100% match bonus, up to $5,000.” That means the biggest bonus you can get is $5,000, and you need to deposit $5,000 to get it. The other thing is the percentage of that bonus. In the above example, it’s 100%. Some casinos will have higher or lower percentages, so pay attention to this. As a rule, the higher the percentage, the better. If you can find a 200% match bonus, up to $5,000, then to get the same bonus that we saw above, you would only need to deposit $2,500. That’s a far better deal for you as it halves your risk with the same reward.

Always remember that bonuses need to be unlocked. Most casinos have a threshold that you need to reach before your bonus becomes yours to keep. This typically stands at 30 times the bonus amount. For example, if you earn a bonus of $1,000, you will likely need to make $30,000 worth of bets to get your bonus. That seems like a lot, but if you play a fair amount on a daily basis, it will be unlocked quickly. Some casinos will have a larger than 30 times threshold, so pay attention.

One last thing about bonuses. Sometimes they expire. You don’t want to lose your bonus because you weren’t paying attention. So, if you need to unlock your bonus in 60 days, then you need to be sure that you will make enough bets in that time that your bonus isn’t wasted. Some people play often enough that this isn’t a huge concern, but other’s don’t, so be sure you know where you fall before you make that first deposit and start the clock ticking.