Max Out Your Bonus

The bonus is one of the most important parts of making money at an online casino. As a general rule, most people lose money playing at online casinos. You don’t want to fall into this category, and with a good playing strategy and a good outlook on bonuses, there’s no reason why you should. Here, we’ll take a look at the bonuses themselves, and how to get the most out of them.

What’s a Bonus?

Most internet casinos offer welcome bonuses in order to attract clients to their sites. These are advertised as free money, but in reality, they are not free at all. Let’s say that you deposit $1,000 into your casino account, and you are awarded a 100 percent deposit bonus. Your account is now $2,000. You can use all of that $2,000 to gamble with, but if you try to withdraw that $1,000, you will not be allowed to for quite some time. Instead, you will need to play for a long enough period of time to unlock the bonus. This is where it gets tricky. Each casino will have what they call a play through threshold. Typically, that number is about 30 or 40 times the amount of the bonus itself. If you’re bonus was $1,000, like in the example above, then you need to risk $30,000 to $40,000 in order to get that money as yours.

What a Bonus can Do?
Make sure you get the most out of your BONUS

How to Get Big Bonuses

First, you should be looking for any online deals that independent sites are offering. Sometimes these places have better bonus policies than the casinos themselves will offer. Spending a few minutes searching around on the web will be well worth it, especially if you can get a few extra hundred dollars out of the deal.

Next, when it’s time to make your first deposit, make sure that you make the most of this. Many casinos will offer reload bonuses, but these are typically much smaller than the welcome bonus. Make your first deposit worthwhile by getting the biggest bonus that you can afford. Casinos will say something like, “100 percent bonus up to $3,000,” or “50 percent bonus up to $4,000.” Whatever the stipulations that the site has, make sure you are making the most of them. If you need to deposit $3,000 to get another $3,000, then do so. Depositing less than this is losing you free money. If you need to deposit $8,000 to get $4,000 at your casino, then, with all other things considered, that’s the best thing you can do to get free money. Also, you need to know what your casino offers. There will be max bonuses, of course, but sometimes the casino will have a tier system in place. Make sure you know what you’re able to get, and then maximize it. There’s no point in getting just $250 from your casino if you can get $1,000 instead just by depositing a little bit more money.

Think of your bonus as an instant return on your money. You might lose some of it, but if you can stay in the game long enough to make a return with the bonus being considered, you are way ahead of the majority of casino players that don’t take advantage of this. It’s free money. One of the big reasons why we play at casinos is to make money, and while the fun element is important, it’s always more fun to win money than it is to lose money. Pick games that give you the best chance of winning, and your large bonuses will be far more likely to make their way to your wallet.