A Brief Guide to Winning

The right gambling strategy can help you to be a much more profitable bettor when playing at an online casino. We’ll take a few minutes here to go over the basics of how to get started, and hopefully once you apply this to your own routines, you will start seeing yourself winning more money over the long term. When you couple this with a few decent bonuses, you might be making more money playing online than you thought possible.

Know the Basics

This is an easy one, but so many people skip over it for the sake of “fun.” But, whatever game you decide to play has a basic strategy, and once you master it, then you’re going to see your overall profit rate go up. For most people, this just means losing money at a slower rate, but when you combine this with bonuses and sound money management, then you can actually see a steady profit in some games.

Let’s say you’re playing craps. First of all, stay away from the single roll bets. These have bigger payouts, but you will lose on them so often that they are disproportionately tilted in favor of the casino. They lure you in with the high payouts, and you will win them just often enough to add some appeal to your bets, but over the long term, they will bust you. Instead, play the big numbers, and make sure that you are taking out the max odds on your bets that you can. Depending on what your particular casino pays out on odds, this can make the casino’s edge so that it’s less than 1% here. If you have a big enough bonus waiting for you, this makes you a winning player. Every game has little tricks like this, so make sure you know the best strategy for the particular games you enjoy.

Keep a Long Term View

Casino gamblers tend to remember the short term, but never the long. The profitable ones ignore the short term and look ahead. This is something that the pros call “expected value,” and it refers to how profitable a certain move is over the long term, and ignores the fluctuations in short term probability. For example, if doubling down on a hard 11 in blackjack against a dealer’s 6 is a positive expected value (and it always is), then you should do it. You might lose on that once in a while, but if you do it often enough, thanks to its long term +EV, you will make far more money over time doing this than you will lose. You need to learn to ignore that big loss you just had and keep doing the same thing, because if it was the statistically correct move, then changing things will only hurt you.

Max Out Your Bonuses… Often

Unlike in a brick and mortar casino, your big winnings will often come in the form of bonuses. If you can get a 50% bonus with a deposit of $500, but a 100% bonus with a deposit of $1,000, you should always try to go with the bigger bonus. Yes, it involves more of an investment on your part, but it is far more likely to pay off. One deposit gives you $750 to work with, but by depositing $500 more, you are giving yourself $1,250 more to work with. That puts the odds in your favor suddenly, and the more often you can get a bonus like this from your casino of choice, the more likely you are to make money. Just make sure you are playing smart, as we describe it above.